Posh Pads : Living In Purpose on Purpose


An intimate retreat for Women in Business to come together every 90 days to connect personally and professionally.

Often times women are only seen as mothers, wives, sisters and mini super heroes rather than the people they truly are. There are not enough moments or events in place for women to come together and pour back into one another. It’s about coming and leaving full.

What's to be expected?​

You're not only here to live your intentional life but launch your dream projects and hit your financial goals. You're here to say yes to soul satisfying relationships, spiritual confidence and enjoying the purposeful life created and designed just for you! 

  • Mediation Session

  • Biz Training/Breakout Sessions

  • Living in Purpose on Purpose 

  • Excursions and Activities

  • Gift bags + More!

August 31, 2019 - September 1, 2019

February 2020