Intentionally POSH is a sacred network created for millennial entrepreneurs who have the desire to explore beyond the business, have a deep spiritual connection with self, make global impacts, live freely, and are ready to let their purpose meet opportunity.


Our Mission:

To activate your purpose driven life. To not allow opportunities to pass you by and to finally say YES!

Yes! to being a female entrepreneur and doing it with confidence.

We believe that Success starts the minute you look at yourself and then your Horizon and KNOW you are destined to be great.

To know all the GRAND ideas, you have are not by accident and that you’re are one step closer to living your INTENTIONAL life.

Meet The Founder:

Tayani Tellis, founder of Intentionally POSH, formally known as POSH Simplicity, is a socially sassy serial-entrepreneur and business coach. Early on Tayani identified her calling. She knew that much of her success would come from a uniqueness in helping others. Deciding to create a business millions would enjoy, on March 28, 2015, Tayani introduced Posh Simplicity Marketing Agency. With a global clientele and 6 years of business + transformational coaching under her belt, Tayani leveraged her business nationally and internationally through a host of events in the Metro Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago areas, as well as China and Canada to name a few. 

Through personal experience and working with clients, Tayani knew the way of doing business was changing and that there was more to life than just becoming an entrepreneur; it’s also to enjoy the fruits of your labor. While earning a degree in B.A. and continuing education with a Masters in International Marketing, Tayani transformed her passion into a lifelong business, offering exclusive resources, elite coaching, and a host of memberships catering to business professionals. Since it’s commencement, Intentionally Posh has been featured in Empire Magazine, Voyage Magazine, and in 2017, joined partnership with Microsoft and Google. Tayani understands the importance communication and wellness play in business development, purposefully serving clients, and creating streams of revenue for fellow female entrepreneurs.


In addition to her business advocacy, she too believes prosperity begins with self. Pouring into, loving, and qualifying — yourself! Marching to the beat of a different drum, she created #POSHPads, a 48 hr retreat of relaxation. Every 90 days, attendees are given a chance to meditate and connect with self and other like-minded women.


Attendees may also be featured ON #POSHTalks Podcast - (live every Thursday) to listen, restore and receive information pertaining to business, what's new in the Girl-Tribe, travel & more!

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